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The Rad Report sponsor has given us two unique coupon codes to give to our readers. One code is good for free shipping from the skate and surf retailer. The other coupon is good for 15% off orders. Pretty good huh? Prefect for summer and back to school. Here’s the codes if you want to use:


CCS Coupon Code #1: AFCCRR2V - 15% off Orders of $75 or more
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Katy Perry: Boobs Rule All. Everyone Else: Duh.

Katy Perry talks about boobs. Weird and quasi-amazing KFC Burger, and the raddest surf film you’ll see today. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.



You guys know how to make a cheeseburger? Take a bun put a burger, cheese, and maybe a couple other things inside it, right? Wrong! Behold the cheese top burger from KFC. Most likely the lamest cheeseburger ever, but also the most interesting. How the eff do you hold it?
It’s a man’s world and you girls are just living in it, right? Ummm. I’m not so sure about that. I’ve always said the only reason I don’t live on some deserted tropical island, surfing all day, and relaxing like a champ, is because I would never get laid. All us stupid men of the world go to work everyday and buy tons of useless crap is because of girls. YOu think it’s fun going to a nine to five? I’m not the first one to come up with thought. The great philosopher Thomas DeLonge once wrote “Way back at the starting line, When Eve was on Adam’s mind, He was the first to go, In search of the great unknown.” Adam ate that stupid apple to get laid. And now news comes today that Katy Perry has confirmed she believes this as well! “Just because you have boobs doesn’t mean you can’t rule the world! You actually really rule the world!” And there you have it. The world is a babes oyster.
And finally today, some pretty cool dudes went on the raddest surf trip of all-time recently. They scored perfect right, perfect lefts, giant slabs, and lived to tell to tale. Plus they documented it with one of the coolest surf movies I’ve ever seen. Here’s a clip.
Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. YOu have a nice rest of your day. Later.

New Silversun Pickups Album, The Scream Sold, And Jagermeister Commercials

If you like the Silversun Pickups say ‘I’. I. Those of you in the yay category will be happy to hear their new album Neck of the Woods is streaming in full, on the world wide web. Singer Brian Aubert says the album was recorded in the Toganga Canyon woods, and songs are written “like a horror album.’ Spooky. MTV’s Buzzworthy blog has the premiere.


Have a hundred and twenty million dollars to blow? Why not buy The Scream? That’s what some dude did in New York yesterday. The Scream, which was paint din 1895 has actually been stolen three times over the last twenty years. Each time it was found, as I’m sure it’s not easy to unload one of the world’s most expensive works of art. The recent sale of the painting is the largest ever.
And finally, big wave surfer and all-around adventurer Nathan Fletcher is in a new commercial talking about big wave surfing. The soulfulness. The state of being. The mind-body connection.
So what is the commercial for?
Jagermeister of course.
When I’m done surfing the heaviest waves in the world, I need a shot of Jager.
Jager bomb!

Daily Detour: MTV brings back Art Breaks, new MGMT, and free Surfer Film

On Today’s Daily Detour:
MGMT broke out a new song at a show in Columbia last weekend. It’s called Alien Days and seems to be picking up right where Congratulations left off.
Back in the ’80s MTV had these things called Art Breaks. They were short videos featuring guys like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol that were placed after commercial breaks or in between videos. And they were pretty cool. Well guess what? MTV is bringing them back! A new round of Art Breaks were released today. My favorite is called Under Man by Tala Madani. You can check them all out on
Up for watching a new surf movie after this video, then head on over to Surfer Mag and download the free new film Hot 100. It stars the world’s best rising surfers, as determined by Surfer Magazine. Not to mention a pretty damn good soundtrack with songs by Fidlar, Thee Oh Sees, and Natural Child.

How A Surfboard Is Made In 2012, And Microwaving Random Stuff

Ever wonder how surfboards are made? When I was a kid surfboards were made by crusty old dudes who drank tons of beer and had brain damage from breathing foam dust all day. Then some robotic computer programs were invented and surfboard manufacturing became a soulless factory line. Or soooo that’s what everyone believes. Turns out the process isn’t so plastic. JS Surfboards has recently given tour of the process. Check it out on Transworld.
Very often when I’m bored I go on Tumblr and look at blogs. I found a dude who, when bored, sticks random stuff in the microwave. Odd? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Ever wonder what pickles look like microwaved? How about Twinkies. Candy Hearts? Toothpaste? A They Might Be Giants record? Yeah tons more where that came from. Go check it out.
Hipstagram and Instagram have become one! Sort of. Wait, what? The two most popular photo apps for iPhone, Instagram and Hipstagram, have announced a partnership. Photos taken with Hipstagram can now be published onto the Instagram social network. The partnership will give photographers more options to edit pictures, and easier publishing to the social network.

Ok, I believe it is time for me to run. Later!