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    Concert Review: Van Halen Live In Los Angeles 

    Whoa am I tired. And you know why? I just rocked my face off at the Van Halen concert!


    Van Halen is one of my all-time favorite bands. Last night I was able to see them at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Check this picture out. Even made the newspaper!
    Eddie and Alex Van Halen are back with David Lee Roth for a tour that many believe could be their final ever. In fact, VH has postponed 30 dates of the tour for unknown reasons. Hmmmm.
    Van Halen came out on the stage playing Eruption. I love that song, but it was probably the lowest point of the show for me. Well except for when they played that stupid new song Tattoo. This is because Staples Center was having horrible audio problems. The song was echoing off the back wall. Sounded horrible But by the time Running With The Devil came on audio was locked down and the band was on fire. It’s been a dream of mine to see this band see play that song. So stoked.
    Halen played tons of non-radio tracks like Hear About It Later, And The Cradle Will Rock, and Women In Love. Highlights for me.
    David Lee Roth had a couple raps that were a crackup. He asked a girl if she wanted to make a sex tape. Woooo. But he also wore a pretty stupid outfit and slides around like some crazy dude. I prefer the kicks.
    If you love VH go see this show. Van Halen is the one band I’ve always wished died in a fiery plane crash back in 1985 so they didn’t spend so long ruining their legacy. But after seeing this show, I’m glad they’re all still breathing.

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    The Darkness 'Every Inch Of You' Clip. And Johnny Ramone's Grave. 

    Hey there. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour from the foot of Johnny Ramone’s grave in Los Angeles.


    Here I am sneaking around the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Jonny’s ashes were laid in this statue in 2004. And Ramone’s bass player Dee Dee, who died in 2002, is buried somewhere around here as well. Can’t wait to find that one.
    So anyways, while in Los Angeles I will be seeing Van Halen not once, but twice this week.
    If you’re a Van Halen fan be sure to check out laweekly.com for a great cover story on the band. In 1978 VH embarked on a major tour. Their record label Warner Brothers wasn’t going to send the wild guys out alone so they had Ted Cohen baby sit the band on the road. The article has some great stories from Ted about the parties, the groupies, and if Valerie Bertenelie really broke up the band.
    One of my favorite bands is The Darkness. They have a new album coming out. Here’s a clip of a recently released song and the coolest lyrics video ever.
    Hot Cakes will be out in August.
    And finally today, I love my iPhone but I really hate my charger. In fact, I left it in Mexico just yesterday! Bummer. I found this cool one on Kickstarter that looks really handy and it’s only twelve bucks. It doubles as a tripod in case you need to film yourself. I do.
    Ok that’s all for me. I am out of here. Say bye to Johnny. Later.

    • Emily G 8:34 pm on September 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      This song is a great way to kick off Hot Cakes. I personally think it’s pretty funny.I don’t know if anyone has tried this out yet, but there’s this cool interactive app that let’s you mess around with the album a little bit.

      Check it out… http://bit.ly/thedarknessapp

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    Banksy Is Back With A Bush In 2012 

    Hey there. I’m Eddie DaRoza and here’s your Daily Detour.


    The world famous street artist known as Banksy has been celebrated from sea to shining sea for his politically charged artwork. But in 2012 I think we’re seeing a new Banksy. A lighter Banksy. Is he enjoying the new year? Look at some of his recent work. A paper crane holding a gold fish. Ahhh. A pirate map? Arr. And my favorite…. a bush! That bush looks a little out of control.
    There, fixed it!
    Have you ever heard of a pocketmod? It’s a clever little idea. I foldable pocket organizer that you can print whatever you want on to get you shit in order. Like for instance, I found this one. It’s called the Hipster Habit App. I don’t know why it’s called that, but it helps you add a little more of whatever you like to your life. For instance I said more chill time. Then I go through the steps, repeat everyday, and WaaLaa! After a while it’s just a part of my routine.
    And finally, today… we’ll leave you with a clip of the new video for Surrender by Angels & Airwaves. One of my favorite bands.
    Hope you enjoyed that one.
    Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. Hope you have a ncei rest of your day. Later.

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    Josh Homme In A Scissor Sisters Infomercial From The '70s 

    On today’s episode: Josh Homme in a Scissor Sisters informercial, the MaKey Makey device, and Bob Dylan covers Radiohead’s Creep.


    Remember Billy Mays? The infomercial dude who sold OxyClean at an unbelievable rate, and then suddenly died of a heart attack from doing too much cocaine? Well he was a pretty good infomercial host. Hard to beat. Unless you’re Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. Here’s Josh pitching the latest Sissor Sisters album.

    Ah I don’t know. No Billy Mays.

    I had a couple bucks to blow yesterday so I decided to check out Kickstarter and see if I could find something cool. I found this strange contraction called the Makey Makey.  It’s a device that turns anything, into, well, anything. You just hook stuff up to your computer and the world turns into your keypad.

    Want to write a song using bananas? It’s doable.

    How about play Mario Brothers with play do. Yep, go for it.

    And finally today, you know that Radiohead song Creep? The one the band is really famous for? Well, I’m not sure if they actually wrote it. Here’s Bob Dylan singing it.

    Oh wait, that’s an impersonator. Oops.

    Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. Have a nice day. Later.

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    Blink-182 'Enema of the State' Cover Girl – at age 42 

    On today’s show: Janine Lindemulder from Enema of the State album cover, clear link between Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, and a skateboarding speed limit in LA.
    When scientists aren’t busy finding cures for cancer or probing moon rocks, they are apparently studying stuff like sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And believe it or not, scientists have indeed confirmed that there is a clear link between sex, drugs, and wait for it….. rock and roll! According to a University in Holland, people who engage in “risky music listening” are six times more likely to binge drink and twice as likely to “inconsistently use condoms.” Over 944 people in their twenties and teens were studied for this survey. But you know what I still don’t necessarily believe it. Like Mick Shrimpon from Spinal Tap said:
    Remember Janine from the cover of Blink-182’s Enema of the State? Have you ever wondered what she looks like these days? She has a lot of tattoos.


    And finally today, I’ve never clocked myself skateboarding but I think I’ve gone pretty fast. How fast? I have no idea. It seems like if I could go 25 miles an hour that would be pretty cool. Well, not in Los Angeles. The ridiculous city council is trying to set a speed limit for skateboarders. No skating faster then 25 miles an hour. You might hurt yourself, kids. Hey government do us all a favor and stop telling everyone what to do nx. Ok? Thanks.
    Ok thats all for me. I’m outtta here. You have a nice rest of your day… later.

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    Tags: , Bad First Dates, Daisy Delahoya, Dating Advice, Eddie DaRoza   

    ASK DAISY: I Need First Date Advice! 

    Everyone has been on a crappy first date, right? Well I haven’t. But I’m still waiting for my first date. But anyways… on this episode of Ask Daisy, the lovely Daisy De La Hoya gives some first date advice to a young lady.


    Featuring Daisy De La Hoya & some dude named Eddie DaRoza

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    The Gaslight Anthem Covers The Who Live In New York 

    On today’s show: The Sex Pistols have been made into toys, The Big Pink releases remix album, and The Gaslight Anthem live streams from Brooklyn with a cover of The Who’s Baba O’Riley.


    Hey there. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.
    Ohhhhhhhh aren’t these the cutest little things. A little doll Johnny Rotten. A company has made a line of three and a half inch Sex Pistols toys. The little vinyl figures are dressed is classic pistols attire and retail for about ten bucks. Through one on your desk for a constant reminder of how punk you should be. Or how a sid, Johnny, and Steve collection. Which by the way – where’s the Paul Cook doll?
    The Big Pink have released one of my favorite albums of the year in Future This. I’m still wondering when they are going to come play it live out here in California. But anyways… The band just released a free remix album with new versions of Stay Gold, Superman, and 77. Contributions of the record come from Danny Brown, King Krule and AraabmusiK among others.
    And finally today, The Gaslight Anthem just streamed their New York concert live from the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn. The show was great, but the highlight for me was this awesome cover of – as Brian Fallon stated “one of the greatest rock songs ever” – Baba O’ Riley by The Who. Check this clip out.
    I love that song. The Who forever.
    Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    Tags: Abbey Road, Afrojack, , , Eddie DaRoza, , , PAris Hilton, Paris Hilton new Album, The Beatles   

    Paris Hilton Is Releasing A House Album and Becoming A DJ 

    On today’s show… Paris Hilton is getting into EDM and becoming a DJ, Mark Hoppus giving bass players some unique lessons, and some Beatles Abbey Road outtakes.


    There’s a new DJ on the electronic dance music scene and her name is Paris Hilton. Yeah that’s right Paris is releasing her very own house music album and embarking on a DJ tour. The lovely Ms. Hilton has stated “I cannot wait to DJ for the first time in front of thousands of people. I’m very excited to to share all of my hard work with the world.” As you might have heard her boyfriend is EDM super-producer Afrojack. So what you think… would you go see DJ Paris? It sounds ridiculous but I’d love to go to that show.
    Blink-182 is one of my favorite bands, and mostly because of how much freaking fun they have. Based on my estimates, Mark Hoppus contributes somewhere between 45 and 51% of the total fun produced in that band. And now Mark is helping bass players around the world step up their game with this educational video. Don’t look too bored, bass players.
    And finally today, you notice something different about this Abbey Road photo of the Beatles? They’re walking backwards! Well, they’re not walking backwards but they are walking right to left instead of left to right. This outtake from the photoshoot that produced one of the most famous album covers of all time is up for auction and expected to go for over twenty thousand bucks. Have some cash to blow? Why not buy a Beatles pic.
    Ok thats all for me. I’m outta here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    How To Get Surf Hair & Danny Brown Does Detroit 

    On today’s show… can Kelly Slater get surf hair? Danny Brown documentary, and the origin of corporate names.


    Have you guys ever wondered how to get “surf hair?” What’s surf hair you ask? Well hair like this guy.Duh.

    Well it’s actually not that difficult account to garnier Fructis. All you have to do is start with slightly damp hair, work Fructis hair texture paste into hair, and then scrunch hair and ends. Shaahh!

    I’ve never been to Detroit but I’d like to check it out. Check out where all the cars are made. Motown. Maybe drive by a great lake. Rapper Danny Brown has a taken on a new role as tour guide of Detroit in a new documentary about, well, him. Danny’s version of Detroit is unique. There’s a lot more smoke then I imagined.

    And finally today, some smart guy decided to sit and research how many of the most famous brands in the world got their names and came up with their logos. Know where the name Starbucks came from? And what’s with the logo of the lady holding her legs in the air? Well, originates from the novel Moby Dick. How about Wendy’s? Actually the nickname of founder Dave Thomas’ daughter. He named his store after a nickname! What about Nike? The greek goddess of victory. Notice a trend? Everyone names their companies after women. Strange? I. Don’t. Know.

    Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. Hope you have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    Roger Waters 'The Wall' Concert Review 

    I didn’t sleep much this weekend because I was too busy rocking my face off at the Roger Waters concert! Roger Waters brought his rock opera The Wall to San Francisoc and performed in front of a sold out crowd at AT&T Park. I can’t believe how awesome this show was. First – let me get this out of the way… my tickets were given to me by a buddy, and they were pretty hard to beat. I was 10 rows back down on the field. Brian Wilson of the Giants – Fear The Beard himself – was sitting right behind me rocking the entire time. The guy rules. I mean, if you had a bad time with those seats there is something wrong with you and you need to see a doctor. But anyways back to the show…


    Roger wrote this album in 1979 with his band Pink Floyd. It is the third best selling rock album in America and the most successful rock opera of all time. For this tour Roger has created one of the most intricate stage setups ever, complete with a 200 foot wall and the largest high definition projection screen ever used in concert. If you’re not familiar, The Wall is an 84-minute long concept album based on the life and times of Pink. Pink struggles with authority his entire life. His dad is killed by Nazis. His teachers pick on him. Hey teacher, leave those kids along. He becomes a rock star, and gets married. But then he needs a dirty women, a dirty girl. And gets divorced. All of this is symbolized with the building of the wall. As the show progresses the wall is constructed until you can’t see the band or Roger.
    Until the wall is torn down! Pink’s wall comes crashing down metaphorically, and on stage. I won’t give the entire show away, but if you go get ready to see giant flying pigs, puppets, nazi’s, communists, guns, kids, monsters, naked ladies, and a real life flying airplane.
    Good times to be had for sure. So glad I went, and I hope you get a chance to see the show. Later.

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