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Warrior by Mark Foster, A-trak and Kimbra

On today’s Daily Detour w/ Eddie DaRoza:

- The new Converse collab for ‘Three Artists One Song‘ is out. This one is by Mark Foster from Foster the People, A-trak and Kimbra. The song is called Warrior.

- Most people think skateboarding originated from surfing. And while that might be true, and large part of skate history has been sort of lost. Until now. Some documentary film makers have composed a short video on Skooling. The art of skate coolering.

- How’s this for an investment? Recently a man bought a set of five drawings at a Las Vegas garage sale for five bucks. While framing the drawings for his office he found a folded up sketch in between two of them. He recognized the signature on the portrait immediately. Turns out it is the eariest known work by Andy Warhol. He is said to have sketched it when he was 10 or 11 years old. The drawing is estimated to be worth around $2 million bucks, but the new owner says he would rather see it in a museum for the time being. What a guy.

Daily Detour: MTV brings back Art Breaks, new MGMT, and free Surfer Film

On Today’s Daily Detour:
MGMT broke out a new song at a show in Columbia last weekend. It’s called Alien Days and seems to be picking up right where Congratulations left off.
Back in the ’80s MTV had these things called Art Breaks. They were short videos featuring guys like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol that were placed after commercial breaks or in between videos. And they were pretty cool. Well guess what? MTV is bringing them back! A new round of Art Breaks were released today. My favorite is called Under Man by Tala Madani. You can check them all out on
Up for watching a new surf movie after this video, then head on over to Surfer Mag and download the free new film Hot 100. It stars the world’s best rising surfers, as determined by Surfer Magazine. Not to mention a pretty damn good soundtrack with songs by Fidlar, Thee Oh Sees, and Natural Child.

The Best Album Covers. And The Worst.

I forgot about 50 album covers that I meant to bring up in this video. Sometimes you freeze in the heat of the moment. For example, The Clash’s London Calling is one of my favorite covers ever. And I really hate this one.

But in this week’s Pop Quiz we give it a shot at naming some of our favorite album covers of all time, and some of the least.