Dirt Nasty’s Perfect Booty Contest, The Peach Kings new video, and a Mitch Hedburg documentary. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.


There are a lot of lame-ass trending topics on Twitter. #YouGetPointsIf #WhatWhiteGirlsWant Blah blah blah. BUt I think the set trending topic ever has just been created By Dirt Nasty. It’s the Perfect Booty Contest. The winner gets a personalized rap from Dirt himself. All contestants have to do is tweet a picture of their perfect booty. So far their have been thousands of contestants. Girls with many different photographic styles. Different angles, lighting. clothing. A lot of work goes into the perfect booty shot.
Oh. My. GOD! I love Twitter.
One of the acts I’m not missing at next weeks Sunset Strip Music Festival is The Peach Kings. They are a band who like me, is from San Francisco but currently reside in the wonderful city of Los Angeles. They have a new video premiering over at Interview Magazine today. Here’s a clip.
And finally today… the late great comedian Mitch Hedburg has a new documentary out about his life. The man was THE master at one-liners and one of my all-time favorites. Here’s clip from the film.
Miss Ya Mitch.
Ok that’s all for me. I’m out of here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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Wavves Album Art

LISTEN: Wavves New Song "Hippies Is Punks"

Wavves has a new album on the way and one of the songs was just released for the Adult Swim singles program. The song is called Hippies is Punks and according to Nathan, and according to Nathan it’s just one many songs the band has written with “no label involvement” and “100% ours.”

Have a listen here.

Blaqk Audio New Album Release Dates and Details

Blaqk Audio has a new album out soon, Tony from No Use For A Name has passed away, and a new cat blog that is very original. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.


The guys from AFI, Davey Havok and Jade Puget, have just announced the release details for their new Blaqk Audio album. Blaqk Audio of course is their electronic band that has taken a backseat to AFI in recent years. Davey say it’s time for Blaqk Audio to shine and the band is his priority. The new alum Bright Black Heaven will be released on September 11th. You can download the first single Bliss through their website.
Some times you need a moment to relax and smile. And my friends, I think that moment is now. That’s why I’m showing you a Tumblr I just found. It’s called Cats in Space, and its gifs of space cats. Their are fat ones, scary ones, eyeless ones, and cute ones. Ahhhh.
And finally today… when I was a middle schooler growing up in Santa Cruz California, No Use For A Name was one band whose patch was on every kids backpack. The singer of No Use, Tony Sly, unfortunately has just died at the age of 41. The cause of death of has not been released but whatever it was, 41 is an age too early to go. Here’s a clip Tony recorded in his house just a short time ago.
Ok that’s all for me. I’m out of here. You have nice a rest of your day. Later.

Hungry Time Traveler Axl Rose

Axl Rose is a great snacker and has been everywhere, Those Darlins have  a new single, and a great skateboarding documentary from Socialist Germany called This Ain’t California. I’m Eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.


Axl Rose has been known as a lot of things. A rock star. A genius. An asshole. a guy who wears spandex and fur coats at the same time. And a white man who has dared to sport corn rows. But have you known him as a time traveler? And not only that, a hungry time traveler? Yes that’s right… according to a new blog Axl has been at some of the most important moments in history, snackin’ away. Here he is constructing the RCA Building in New York and having some pop corn. THe American Civil War with some Gogert. Enjoying some Cheetos during the Great Depression. And chompin’ a corn dog when the flag was raised on Iwo Jima.
Guy is a regular Forrest Gump.
Those Darlins is one of my favorite bands. They’re from Nashville and have lots of fun. They also have a new available for download. Here’s a clip.
And finally today… one of the coolest looking skateboarding documentary’s I’ve seen is coming out soon. It’s called This Ain’t California and it’s about a bunch of kids who grew up in socialist East Germany during the ’80s. They skated for pure pleasure on homemade shitty boards. Check out the trailer.
Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. YOu have a nice rest of your day. Later.

Lily Donaldson In A Bikini And A Furry Cat Head

Supermodel Lily Donaldson is the raddest furry on Earth, Spin stops printing magazines, and Animal Collective is back with a new single. I’m eddie DaRoza, and here’s your Daily Detour.


When I was a kid one of the coolest posters I had on my wall wasn’t a poster at all. It was a SPIN magazine cover with Axl Rose on it. I ripped it off some mag I found and stapled it to wall, like millions of other kids. And unfortunately today, that era has ended. SPIN was purchased by new a corporation and they have suspended production indefinitely. IT appears the company is moving to an all-digital version. Rest In Piece SPIN magazine.

I think I’ve found the hottest furry on the face of the Earth. You know what furries are right? They are people who dress up in dog and cat costumes and do it like they do on the discovery channel. Today we get supermodel Lily Donaldson crawling around in a bikini and a cat head. It’s shot by photographer Nick Knight. Here’s a clip.

And finally today… Animal Collective is back with a new single and a new sound. The first track from the forthcoming Centipede Hz is called Today’s Supernatural. I’m enjoying it a lot. HAve a listen to this clip.

Ok that’s all for me. I’m out of here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.