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    Paris Hilton Is Releasing A House Album and Becoming A DJ 

    On today’s show… Paris Hilton is getting into EDM and becoming a DJ, Mark Hoppus giving bass players some unique lessons, and some Beatles Abbey Road outtakes.


    There’s a new DJ on the electronic dance music scene and her name is Paris Hilton. Yeah that’s right Paris is releasing her very own house music album and embarking on a DJ tour. The lovely Ms. Hilton has stated “I cannot wait to DJ for the first time in front of thousands of people. I’m very excited to to share all of my hard work with the world.” As you might have heard her boyfriend is EDM super-producer Afrojack. So what you think… would you go see DJ Paris? It sounds ridiculous but I’d love to go to that show.
    Blink-182 is one of my favorite bands, and mostly because of how much freaking fun they have. Based on my estimates, Mark Hoppus contributes somewhere between 45 and 51% of the total fun produced in that band. And now Mark is helping bass players around the world step up their game with this educational video. Don’t look too bored, bass players.
    And finally today, you notice something different about this Abbey Road photo of the Beatles? They’re walking backwards! Well, they’re not walking backwards but they are walking right to left instead of left to right. This outtake from the photoshoot that produced one of the most famous album covers of all time is up for auction and expected to go for over twenty thousand bucks. Have some cash to blow? Why not buy a Beatles pic.
    Ok thats all for me. I’m outta here. You have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    How To Get Surf Hair & Danny Brown Does Detroit 

    On today’s show… can Kelly Slater get surf hair? Danny Brown documentary, and the origin of corporate names.


    Have you guys ever wondered how to get “surf hair?” What’s surf hair you ask? Well hair like this guy.Duh.

    Well it’s actually not that difficult account to garnier Fructis. All you have to do is start with slightly damp hair, work Fructis hair texture paste into hair, and then scrunch hair and ends. Shaahh!

    I’ve never been to Detroit but I’d like to check it out. Check out where all the cars are made. Motown. Maybe drive by a great lake. Rapper Danny Brown has a taken on a new role as tour guide of Detroit in a new documentary about, well, him. Danny’s version of Detroit is unique. There’s a lot more smoke then I imagined.

    And finally today, some smart guy decided to sit and research how many of the most famous brands in the world got their names and came up with their logos. Know where the name Starbucks came from? And what’s with the logo of the lady holding her legs in the air? Well, originates from the novel Moby Dick. How about Wendy’s? Actually the nickname of founder Dave Thomas’ daughter. He named his store after a nickname! What about Nike? The greek goddess of victory. Notice a trend? Everyone names their companies after women. Strange? I. Don’t. Know.

    Ok that’s all for me. I’m outta here. Hope you have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    Roger Waters 'The Wall' Concert Review 

    I didn’t sleep much this weekend because I was too busy rocking my face off at the Roger Waters concert! Roger Waters brought his rock opera The Wall to San Francisoc and performed in front of a sold out crowd at AT&T Park. I can’t believe how awesome this show was. First – let me get this out of the way… my tickets were given to me by a buddy, and they were pretty hard to beat. I was 10 rows back down on the field. Brian Wilson of the Giants – Fear The Beard himself – was sitting right behind me rocking the entire time. The guy rules. I mean, if you had a bad time with those seats there is something wrong with you and you need to see a doctor. But anyways back to the show…


    Roger wrote this album in 1979 with his band Pink Floyd. It is the third best selling rock album in America and the most successful rock opera of all time. For this tour Roger has created one of the most intricate stage setups ever, complete with a 200 foot wall and the largest high definition projection screen ever used in concert. If you’re not familiar, The Wall is an 84-minute long concept album based on the life and times of Pink. Pink struggles with authority his entire life. His dad is killed by Nazis. His teachers pick on him. Hey teacher, leave those kids along. He becomes a rock star, and gets married. But then he needs a dirty women, a dirty girl. And gets divorced. All of this is symbolized with the building of the wall. As the show progresses the wall is constructed until you can’t see the band or Roger.
    Until the wall is torn down! Pink’s wall comes crashing down metaphorically, and on stage. I won’t give the entire show away, but if you go get ready to see giant flying pigs, puppets, nazi’s, communists, guns, kids, monsters, naked ladies, and a real life flying airplane.
    Good times to be had for sure. So glad I went, and I hope you get a chance to see the show. Later.

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    Hey I've Found An Entire Angels & Airwaves Concert 

    You know one thing I love. Like, really love. With all my heart. Having $10 beers in some parking lot and watching my favorite bands at the summer radio festivals. But it’s often difficult to actually make it to all these festivals. It’s a good thing at some dedicated YuuTubers have been posting the entire sets online for all of us to see. Want to watch the entire Angels & Airwaves set from Weenie Roast? Look there. 

    Recently I’ve gotten somewhat bored with Instagram and have been looking for someway to take it to the next level. I just discovered Cinemagram. Not only can you throw filters over your photos, but you can turn them into GIFs as well. Whoa. YOu just shoot a short video and finger paint a mask over the part you want animated. Pretty cool, eh?

    And finally today… as you know MCA of the Beastie Boys died recently. Tributes have been pouring out from all over the place. I’ve seen a couple cool ones myself. How’s this one ?

    Ok that’s all for me. Hope you have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    The Dirty Heads Have A New Video & CBGB Goes On Tour 

    On today’s show.. Sid Vicious is 55, The Dirty Heads new vid, and CBGB is now a music festival.


    First off today, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday today a 55 year-old Sid Vicious. Yep, that’s right, if Sid the kid were still alive today, he would be 55-years-old. As we all know Sid died at the young age of 21 in an apartment building. If he survived all these years how do think Sid would be today? We’ll never know.

    Our buddies in the Dirty Heads have just released a brand new video for their latest single. You know the Dirty Heads right? A bunch of fun dudes from Huntington Beach. Here’s a clip from Spread Too Thin.

    And finally today, as everyone knows CBGB, the legendary New York City music venue, was shut down and is now a John Varvatos clothing store. I was never able to see a show there but I went to the store once to check it out. I tried to take a picture of a cool Ramones poster with my cell phone, and some little dork in a 15 hundred dollar outfit walks up to me and tells me no photos. Thats how I knew the rock was dead. But apparently the group who owns the CBGB name is trying to revive the brand by turning CBGB into a weeklong music festival in New York City. Shows will be hosted everywhere from Bowery Ballroom to The Trash Bar. Could be a good time. We’ll have to see.

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    Tom Gabel of Against Me! Is Getting A Sex Change 

    On today’s episode: Tom Gabel is having a sex change, Travis Barker selling a Cadillac, and idiot ravers killed dolphins with drugs.


    Hey there. I’m Eddie DaRoza and welcome to the Daily Detour.
    I’m really curious how the next Against Me! album is going to sound. What, with singer Tom Gabel announcing he’s getting a sex change and turning into a women. Yeah, that’s right. Tom has announced via Rolling Stone magazine that he will be known from here on out as Laura Jane Grace, and will begin taking hormone treatments immediately. Tom says he is planning on remain married to his wife Heather. And for her part, Heather says she keeps waiting to get mad. But it just hasn’t happened yet.

    Have 28 thousand dollars to blow? How about buying one of Travis Barker’s Cadillacs? Travis is selling his 1976 Cadillac El Dorado as it has just been sitting in the garage for sometime. The car has only 31,000 miles, a convertible roof, excellent condition, and if only it could talk I’m sure some great stories to tell.

    And finally, I’m sure a marine wildlife park seems like a great place to have a rave. There are whales, snow cones, and tons of space. Unfortunately, it’s not. For many reasons. The first being that marine mammals use sonar to navigate and thumping electronic beats make them freak the fuck out. And also the fact that idiots like those at the Connyland Zoo festival last week feed dolphins drugs. Two dolphins from the zoo have died after overdosing on a heroin substitute. Idiots – don’t give drugs to animals, ok?
    Well that’s all for me. Hope you have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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    MUSIC VIDEO: Howler 'This One's Different'. Plus, The Darkness New Album Details 

    On today’s Daily Detour: New album details from The Darkness, a music video from Howler, and a Photoshop add-on that gives your photos a Holga effect.


    Have a short update on The Darkness for you right now. The band, who happens to be none of my favorites, has just announced the name release date of their new album. Hot Cakes – that’s the name – will be released on August 21st – that’s the date. And well, that’s the news.


    You guys know Howler? They are a band from Minnesota. This year they recently released their debut album titled America Give Up. I really like it and often listen to it in the morning as I walk across San Francisco on the way to work. The album has songs with names like Beach Sluts, America, Free Drunk, and This One’s Different - which happens to have a video we are premiering for you right now.


    And finally today… have you seen those little Holga toy cameras they sell at Urban Outfitters? The ones that go for up to one hundred dollars, but really should be selling for about fifteen bucks? Yeah, I own a few. The thing with those cameras is they take awesome little pictures and are super fun. If it just wasn’t so darn expensive. Well I have just stumbled upon a cool little photoshop action that will replicate the look of the pictures. I designer at Equal & Opposite dot com has released a zip file you can install that will throw a similar saturation and distressed look onto your photos. Not as fun as shooting with a plastic crappy camera and film, but very useful none-the-less.

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    Best Beastie Boys Interviews From Back In The Day 

    In light of MCA passing away, we thought today’s Daily Detour should look at some of our favorite old school Beastie Boys’ interviews.

    1) When the Beasties released License to Ill it went straight to number one and a crew of 19 year olds had the top album in the country. They went on the Joan Rivers show for a performance and interview.


    2) Riding the success of License to Ill, the Boys set out on a worldwide tour that resulted in many laws being broken, riots breaking out, and Ad-Rock getting arrested. The UK press, surprisingly, greatly exaggerated the Beasties antics and wrote what many say were flat out lies. This pissed off the band, and when they arrived they had a few things to say about it.
    3) In 1989 the Beastie Boys had a few years of success and a couple worldwide tours under their belt. One afternoon they appeared on Yo! MTV Raps with Fab 5 Freddy for a tour of New York City. Some people say the band may not have been completey sober during this appearance, but that is for you decide. And how’s Mike D’s outfit??? Sick!

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    New Silversun Pickups Album, The Scream Sold, And Jagermeister Commercials 

    If you like the Silversun Pickups say ‘I’. I. Those of you in the yay category will be happy to hear their new album Neck of the Woods is streaming in full, on the world wide web. Singer Brian Aubert says the album was recorded in the Toganga Canyon woods, and songs are written “like a horror album.’ Spooky. MTV’s Buzzworthy blog has the premiere.


    Have a hundred and twenty million dollars to blow? Why not buy The Scream? That’s what some dude did in New York yesterday. The Scream, which was paint din 1895 has actually been stolen three times over the last twenty years. Each time it was found, as I’m sure it’s not easy to unload one of the world’s most expensive works of art. The recent sale of the painting is the largest ever.
    And finally, big wave surfer and all-around adventurer Nathan Fletcher is in a new commercial talking about big wave surfing. The soulfulness. The state of being. The mind-body connection.
    So what is the commercial for?
    Jagermeister of course.
    When I’m done surfing the heaviest waves in the world, I need a shot of Jager.
    Jager bomb!

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    A Kate Upton Bikini Video by Terry Richardson 

    Holy moly did you see these pictures Terry Richardson took of Kate Upton. What a babe, right? But wait… hold on, it comes with video. Kate doing the Cat Daddy. Did you see that? Look at that! I mean, look at that! Whoa.


    Nathan Williams of Wavves has been promising a video game from his band for a while now. And guess what? It’s out! The game is similar to the classic Paper Boy, except instead of throwing newspapers you though joints and dodge cops. It’s actually really fun. The game is a co-production with Vice, and live on their site if you want to check it out.
    And last but not least, Dave Grohl has announced he is directing a documentary about Sound City. The studio where Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Tom Pretty, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, and many others have recorded their seminal albums. In a letter Grohl says the doc will cover the last 20 years at the studio and with “Fucking Real.” I’ll watch it. How about you?
    Ok that’s all for me have a nice rest of your day. Later.

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