Coachella Tickets Are Actually Getting Cheaper

From today’s Daily Detour:
- The first weekend of Coachella is almost here and if you don’t have tickets don’t worry. They are getting cheaper! Coachella tickets have fallen from almost $650, to $422. That price isn’t much higher then when they first went on sale, and sold out in minutes.
- Some scientists think they’ve discovered exactly how much money you should make to be the happiest.
- If you’ve ever wanted to set up an instagram photo booth in your house you’re mind is going to be blown right now. Some Kickstarter folks have created the Instaprint. A miniature photo booth that wirelessly connects to your phone. Did you hear that? Wirelessly! YOu can be running around your house like a madman snapping photos of all your buddies and printing like crazy. The Instaprint device can be purchased for $399.

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